St Tropez Spray Tanning B2B



St Tropez was one of the first companies to introduce spray tanning booths into the UK in 2000. Due
to the spray of solution created by the gun, it soon became clear that an extraction system was
required to ensure that the surrounding air remained clean to prevent people from inhaling the
solution. Combining a compressor for the extraction enabled the use of spray guns that could
deliver more tan, meaning faster treatment times.

The St Tropez Elegance and Pro booths are currently the only booths on the market that
incorporates a heated downdraft system whereby the air and excess spray are pulled downward
through a bottom chamber. This downdraft system works with gravity and therefore increases the
efficiency of the system. The system re-circulates 85% of the air volume in the booth. This means that
the air within the unit on average passes through the filtration system at least 5 times again
increasing the efficiency of the filtration system. Due to the air recirculation, it is possible to heat the
airflow within the booth using minimal energy. Hence we are able to maintain the booth
temperature at 29deg C. This ensures client comfort and superior absorption of the tanning product
to the skin with a visibly faster ‘drying’ time and a longer lasting tan. This system also maintains the
cleanliness of the interior of the booth over the working day as the spray plume from the spray gun
is not capable of projecting over the interior booth rear skins when it has to work against the
downdraft of air.
Booths such as the St Tropez Verso and Ultimate Air have rear facing flow-thru extraction to pull the
excess spray backwards away from the therapist and client. In order to guarantee an efficient
extraction system, the force of the spray plume issuing from the spray gun and the volume of
product being dispensed from it must be matched by adequate power from the extraction system.
The St Tropez booths take into account both the air pressure used by the spray gun as well as the
spray rate of the fluid. These two factors combine to create a method of determining what rate of
extraction is necessary. Air movement noise has been minimised making the extraction system the
quietest and most powerful in its class. The fully enclosed roof also prevents overspray from
compromising the therapists working environment. The Verso is also a collapsible unit allowing the
therapist to dismantle the unit at the end of the day for storage if the salon space is limited, or this
unit can be utilised for a mobile therapist.
A spray tan generally lasts for approximately 5 days. The higher spec booths also have a product
feed to the spray gun which is pump-driven. Occupation Exposure Limits control the amount of
fumes that may be inhaled by a therapist or a client. St Tropez booths are recorded as being
substantially under the recommended OEL levels and are the only booths to meet Health & Safety
(COSHH) standards.

Maintenance and Filter Changes
It is recommended that a spray tan booth extraction unit is serviced every 12 months to ensure
optimum working conditions. It is advisable to change the primary filters every time a purchase of
1gallon tanning solution is made, to ensure that the filters do not get clogged and therefore
prevent the extraction process from working effectively. When filters become blocked, less air can
pass through, meaning less clean air. As long as the primary filters are changed frequently, it will
prevent damage to the underlying filter layers. When not in use the booth should be switched off.
In-between clients use a damp cloth to wipe the side panels, front extraction grill & foot mat.